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Diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder at just 2 ½ years old, Peyton’s journey has been one of extraordinary strength and struggle. For a decade, communication seemed impossible until a letter board became his voice – a way to share his thoughts and feelings. At 15, Peyton now explores his independence and channels his resilience into helping others facing similar struggles. The Peyton Project Box is our part of that journey.

We’ve filled this box with a collection of golfing essentials. Inside, you’ll find a Peyton Project belt, towel, and a polo or hoodie based on the season. Stepping out onto the course wearing a Peyton Project product is announcing you’re part of a community woven together by compassion, understanding, and a belief that every story deserves to be heard.

Peyton's story is full of courage, and with your support, it continues to resonate, touching hearts and inspiring change. That’s why every cent from the Peyton Project Box flows directly to the Peyton Project, funding crucial research and providing resources for those who, like Peyton once did, find themselves unable to communicate.

Join us in amplifying Peyton's voice, one golf swing at a time.

Boxes will ship the 2nd week of January. 

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