At Inward Half, we’re redefining golf course comfort by blending golfing sophistication with an active lifestyle. Our story starts with a former golf pro and a team of like-minded folks who share a deep love for the game.

We've got golf in our DNA, from timeless traditions to memories shared through generations on the course. These experiences have inspired us to create a brand that's all about sleek performance. The result - a light luxury performance apparel line that’s more than just sportswear; it’s stylish clothing for those living their best life both on and off the course.


Inward Half isn't just a brand; it's a lifestyle.

Our boutique collection isn’t just about the clothes; it’s about your style, your performance, your comfort. Inward Half is where luxury takes on a lighter, more versatile form, and whether you're searching for Men’s, Women’s, or Junior’s gear, we've got sizes and looks for everyone.

We use high-quality materials that not only make you look like a pro but help you perform like one. Our moisture-wicking fabrics keep you cool under pressure, and our traditional fits guarantee you're always on point. 

From slick golf polos that make you stand out on the course to outerwear that's ready for the elements, Inward Half has got you covered. And hey, don't think we forgot about accessories – we have caps, belts, and more—designed to level up your active lifestyle.

Celebrate every drive, every putt, and every step with Inward Half.

Your Story, Your Style, Your Walk.

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