The Junior Midnight Wave Pattern Performance Polo


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There’s nothing quite like watching your protégé step into the tee box, eyes twinkling with excitement as they prepare to conquer the course swing by swing. Our Junior Midnight Wave Pattern Performance Polo is designed with high hopes in mind, and it’s their golden ticket to standing out on the course as they perfect their game.

Another excellent swing! As if there were any other way.

Designed exclusively for young golfers, this polo captures their vibrant spirit and youthful energy. We added a wavy, multicolored pattern that jumps off the shirt for a touch of exuberance, and as they work on nailing that putt, the fabric's soft and breathable touch keeps them cool and composed under the sun’s gaze. The self-collar and three-button placket ties the look together with just the right touch of maturity.

Whether teeing off with friends or competing in a junior tournament, this polo begins their journey toward becoming a future champion.

Watch as they light up the course with their Electric Wave Pattern Polo and infectious energy. It's time for them to make their mark, ride the waves of success, and embrace the exciting world of golf in style.

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