Welcome to the 2024 Ironhorse presented by Inward Half.

A brand built in Tennessee, and born from the love of the game. Inward Half revolutionizes golfing comfort. Crafted by a former golf pro and dedicated enthusiasts just like you, our luxury performance wear guarantees you stay cool and comfortable through every swing and every day. We’re not just a brand; we’ve set out to create a lifestyle for those who understand that impeccable style and premium performance are a hole-in-one. 

Ironhorse participants will receive a $400 credit towards the IH shopping experience and have the opportunity to purchase in excess of the $400 credit. Any additional charges will go on the host member's account.

Please submit your choices no later than May 26th.

At checkout use code “Ironhorse” with a capital “I.”

Enjoy the Walk in with Inward Half.